Hi, my name is Michael Ferrara

Hi, my name is Michael Ferrara

I am the author of “The Land of the Million Elephants,” and “The Sons of Lubyanka,” two works of fiction set in a historical context.

This website provides an overview of the story contained in each book, as well as the first few chapters of each novel which I invite you to read.

I routinely speak at book club meetings, library events, and to community organizations regarding my works of historical fiction. I try to give an audience a feel for the real world events that surround the stories and challenge my characters. If you would be interested in having me as a speaker, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.

Please enjoy the website and the initial chapters of “The Land of the Million Elephants” and “The Sons of Lubyanka.”


The Land of the Million Elephants

Drawing from his experiences in the United States Air Force flying support missions in Laos during the Vietnam War, author Michael Ferrara makes his fiction debut with The Land of the Million Elephants—a thrilling spy novel that mixes action, adventure, and mystery in the Laotian theater of the Vietnam War

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The Sons of Lubyanka

In the decade of the 1980’s dramatic events took place on the global stage that brought the Cold War to an end and precipitated the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Empire.

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