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In the world of high-stakes horse racing, is it training, money, or luck that gets the win?

C.J. Jamieson is a young, gifted female jockey with a complicated past and a strong desire to break through in the competitive world of thoroughbred racing.

Trainer Ritchie Gallo, on the other hand, has spent half his life in the sport. He’s at the top of his game, but he’s never been lucky enough to train a world-class racehorse. Until now. He finally has the horse, but needs the perfect rider. Call it luck or fate, but when Gallo comes across C.J., he knows he might finally have his ticket to the winners circle.

Follow Gallo and C.J. as they compete in the turbulent world of thoroughbred racing in a beautifully told, fast-paced story of triumph, tragedy, and perseverance. From the tracks of Saratoga to the famous Churchill Downs, their journey together teaches them that winning races on fragile legs isn’t so different than winning at life with fragile hearts.


5 Stars
“…Breezing accelerates into a comprehensive and compassionate look into the world of thoroughbred racing.” — Five-star NetGalley Review
5 Stars
“A beautiful story of overcoming the obstacles…Cicely Jamieson rides for horse trainer Ritchie Gallo and makes a name for herself as not only an accomplished rider but a determined young lady who finally finds her place in society…” — Five-star NetGalley Review
5 Stars
“Mike Ferrara creates characters that are good company. You enjoy spending time with them. You root for them. You care about them. Breezing is a good tale, an excellent read.” — five-star Amazon review

The Land of the Million Elephants

Drawing from his experiences in the United States Air Force flying support missions in Laos during the Vietnam War, author Michael Ferrara makes his fiction debut with The Land of the Million Elephants—a thrilling spy novel that mixes action, adventure, and mystery in the Laotian theater of the Vietnam War

Acting on orders from President Nixon and the head of the CIA himself, young agency operative Mark Knight sets out to stop the North Vietnamese drug trade in Laos and neutralize its catastrophic impact on US forces. He works with a team that includes a Hmong warrior, a Pentagon intelligence whiz, two decorated fighter pilots, and a very beautiful Laotian woman who acts as an assistant to the US ambassador.

As Knight and his team get closer to unraveling the mystery, they discover the existence of a spy and a traitor to American war efforts—someone who will go to any length to protect their identity and secrets.

Intriguing and intelligent, The Land of the Million Elephants sheds light on a little-known part of the Vietnam War, providing insightful social commentary in the form of a thrilling spy novel.


5 Stars
“I couldn’t put it down!!! Reminded me of a David Baldacci novel…” — five-star Amazon review
5 Stars
“I bought this because I’m going to Laos….Well, lemme tell you, I started reading it on Kindle and it has grabbed me….Gripping, informative. My kinda book.” —five-star Amazon review
5 Stars
“I just spent the last few evenings quite wrapped up in Land of a Million Elephants….It is well written and weaves a compelling tale, presenting very well the many differing realities and cultures of the larger War in Indochina. It is well worth reading.” —five-star Amazon review

The Sons of Lubyanka

In the decade of the 1980’s dramatic events took place on the global stage that brought the Cold War to an end and precipitated the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. Historic agreements between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev captured the headlines of newspapers all over the world, but behind the scenes there was a real threat to the success of this rapprochement between the superpowers. Air Force Colonel Brick Autry, a staffer on the National Security Council and a former prisoner of war in North Vietnam, is lured to a meeting with a shadowy Russian KGB officer who informs him of a network of spies known as the sons of Lubyanka. This espionage effort is comprised of former American soldiers, captured by the North Vietnamese, and transported to the Lubyanka prison in Moscow where they are brainwashed and trained to serve the Soviet Union. Once embedded in the United States this team of spies and assassins presents a challenge to the peace process being pushed by the Reagan Administration.

“The Sons of Lubyanka” is a novel driven by the current events that took place in the mid-1980s. It is a spy thriller as well as a story that examines the national psyche of an America still reeling from the lost cause in Vietnam and desperately seeking a safer world driven by democracy and individual liberty.

This fast paced sequel to The Land of the Million Elephants takes readers through the corridors of the West Wing, the halls of the Kremlin, the back alleys and streets of Washington, Geneva, Paris and the French Riviera, all on a time critical chase to hunt down the men who threaten a peace agreement that could change the world.


5 Stars
“There are many twists and turns throughout. The plot keeps you guessing and on edge as you are never sure who is on what side—but that is what Ferrera is quite adept at in his writing….A great read. I encourage you to pick up a copy.” —Jim Greenho, book reviewer, Daniel Island News
5 Stars
“Very enjoyable read with reference to real life events.” —Amazon review